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The name of the state of Kerala has been taken from the word Keralaputra (land of the sons of Cheras), as mentioned in one of the Ashokan edicts dating back to 273-236 BC. Chera was the first large empire that took roots in this state, and continued to use Tamil till 7th century as their administrative language. The Chera power declined in the 10th century AD, after Cholas, the rulers of Tamil Nadu, were successful in overthrowing the dynasty. 


History of Goa – Rules of the Kings
Goa has an endless list of rulers which have ruled this state through many years. Starting from 4th century, Goa has been under the rule of various rulers. The feudal lords of Mauryan Empire, of the 4th-5th centuries, Bhojas, were the first to rule Goa. Some other kingdoms to have ruled Goa include Kadamba Dynasty, Silahara Dynasty and the Hoysalas from 11th century to 14th century.


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Skiing Auli Adventurepx is like the spirit of tourism in India; you just cannot call your trip to India complete until you don't get the taste of adventure in the high ranges or the deep seas of India. The magnificent country is jeweled with snow capped Himalayas, the lush green western ghats, deserts of Rajasthan, and splendid beaches and islands in Lakshadweep and Andaman...more

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